Your credit rating is incredibly important. With the power to affect countless aspects of your life, your credit rating can influence your employment opportunities, your insurance premiums, your chances of getting approved for credit – and how much interest you will pay if you are approved.

But, while having good credit is something we all aspire to, it’s not always easy to obtain. When you struggle with money, you may not be able to make all your payments on time. Similarly, if you have trouble organizing your finances, those missed payments could create black marks on your credit report.

When this happens, it can make applying for credit even harder. And if you are approved, you could end up paying more in interest, making it harder to pay back everything you owe.

What’s the solution? Credit repair could provide a solution, helping to repair your credit rating while allowing you to develop a healthier relationship with credit. Engaging the services of a credit repair company such as could help remove any errors on your credit file, so you can work on rebuilding your credit in the long term.

What is credit repair?

A company that specializes in credit repair works on your behalf to ‘clean’ your credit report. In doing this, the company will assess your credit report, and then challenge any incorrect listings. If there are any incorrect listings or errors on your credit report, the credit repair company will apply to have them removed.

While this process can certainly help ‘clean’ your credit report by removing errors, it cannot simply remove bad credit. If you have bad credit due to correctly listed negative items within your credit report, those listings will remain there. However, what can offer you besides the removal of incorrect listings is the opportunity to learn more about your credit score, so you can work on rebuilding it over time.

Why is credit repair important?

Wondering why you should care about the state of your credit report? Your credit score may affect your life more than you think. If you have bad credit, it could negatively affect your:

  • Employment opportunities: As many employers now carry out credit checks before hiring a new employee, applicants with good credit may be chosen over applicants with bad credit. In this competitive job market, employers look to applicants’ credit history to determine their level of responsibility. While it might not be the reason why you have bad credit, potential employers may decide your bad credit history is due to disorganization and carelessness, and choose not to employ you, despite your qualifications.
  • Credit applications: When you apply for credit, any potential credit providers will assess your credit report to determine how much of a risk you are. If you have bad credit, or your credit score is low, credit providers may decide you are too much of a risk to lend to. Whether you’re applying for a personal loan or a home loan, a car loan or a credit card, with bad credit, you may find it much harder to get approved.
  • Interest rates: Assuming you are approved for credit, your credit provider may assign the interest rate on your loan according to your credit score. Higher risk on low credit scores typically mean higher interest rates, which can make repaying the loan much more arduous. However, as your credit score improves, you may see a reduction in the amount of interest you pay, making it easier to repay the loan.
  • Insurance premiums: While it may not be something you have considered, your bad credit could affect the amount you pay in insurance premiums. Insurance is all about risk. The riskier the customer, the higher the chances of the insurance provider having to pay out on a claim. Because having a low credit score is often viewed as high-risk behavior, insurance providers may choose to raise premiums for bad credit customers to mitigate the risk of insuring them.
  • Savings: Perhaps more indirectly, having bad credit may affect your savings. By making it harder to get the job you want, by making it more difficult to get approved for loans, by making you pay more in interest and insurance premiums, having bad credit can reduce the amount going into savings. Instead of saving money for retirement, for education, or for a rainy day, those potential savings are going elsewhere.
  • Who is

    As professionals in the credit repair field, believe it is their mission to empower every individual to achieve the credit score they deserve, to allow them to enjoy more opportunities in life. Unlike some credit repair companies that offer one-time credit repair, goes beyond that, helping their customers develop a healthier relationship with credit.

    When you choose, the focus will be on you and your determination to make a change. By empowering you to make significant, long-lasting lifestyle change, can make your path clearer, so you can start your journey towards your financial dreams. Clearing your credit report of incorrect negative listings is just the start. From there, it’s all about you – and how you can move forward to rebuild your credit and achieve your financial goals.

    What can offer you?

    Credit repair is all about rebuilding your financial future so you can enjoy more opportunities. By choosing, you will get:

    • FREE personalized credit consultation
    • FREE access to your credit report summary
    • FREE credit report evaluation on all your accounts
    • FREE score evaluation & recommended solution

    Why should you choose

    As specialists in credit repair, have more than 20 years of experience helping people gain control of their financial lives. While you have the option to repair your credit alone, an experienced credit repair company such as can offer guidance and support, helping you navigate your way towards a more positive financial future.

    With at your side, you will be able to:

    • Understand how to read and analyze your credit reports,
    • Understand how your credit scores are determined,
    • Learn strategies on how to continually improve your credit standing.


    Meanwhile, will:

    • Work with creditors and the credit bureaus on your behalf in order to resolve issues,
    • Utilize the provisions within federal consumer protection laws to help you achieve the credit you deserve,
    • Represent you fairly and honestly.

    What happens when you join

    Want to know what to expect when you sign up to’s credit repair service? Offering a simple but effective 3-step process, works to ensure credit companies can't abuse the standards set out by law that state all information reported about you to credit bureaus is fair, accurate, relevant, substantiated and verifiable.

    Step 1. Check

    When you sign up, will first access and then assess your credit report. By organizing all listings in a way that allows you to easily identify items you want to challenge or change, can work out where to focus its efforts. Then it will create a plan to help you work towards a cleaner credit report and a better credit score.

    Step 2. Challenge

    As experts in the field, understands the credit reporting industry. This means knowing how to communicate with credit companies and credit bureaus, utilizing the various rules that apply in order to best protect you. Interacting directly with credit companies, helps them meet their obligations, to then communicate with the credit bureaus to confirm that the appropriate changes have taken place. With experienced professionals at your side, makes this process run as smoothly as possible, with minimal stress on your part.

    Step 3. Change

    Rebuilding your credit score means making meaningful change. Providing you with a range of helpful tools and support, lets you stay connected to your progress, making it easier to reach your goals. To help you on your journey, you will be provided with a personal online dashboard, a score tracker and analysis, mobile apps, and text and email alerts.

    • Personal online dashboard: With your personal online dashboard, you can view your account and credit repair progress 24/7, whenever it suits you.
    • Regular credit score analysis: Receiving your monthly online credit score analysis, you will have the tools and information necessary to continually improve your credit.
    • Regular credit score updates: You will receive updated credit reports on a monthly basis.
    • Support: Dedicated member advisors will be at your side, there to help you navigate through the credit repair process.
    • Updates on-the-go: Using’s mobile apps and customizable text alerts, you can take credit repair with you and receive updates wherever you go.
    • Identity theft insurance: This insurance can provide protection should your credit information be stolen.

    What should you consider before opting for credit repair?

    Credit repair is not for everyone. Before signing up for a credit repair service, it’s important to know more about what it can offer you, and what it can’t.

    First up, know that individual results may vary. Someone who has numerous incorrect listings on their credit report would likely benefit greatly from having those listings removed. On the other hand, someone who has bad credit but whose listings are all correct would see no change on their credit report. Rebuilding their credit score would take time and effort.

    It’s also worth noting that credit repair is not a magic wand that instantly fixes credit scores. Yes, it can have incorrect credit listings removed from credit reports, but the time in which it will take to achieve that will depend on the individual situation.

    However, if you want an expert on your side who can guide you and support you, using their experience in the industry to help you achieve the credit score you deserve, could be just the one to help.

    By assessing your credit report to ensure that all information is substantiated, timely, accurate and as fair to you as possible, provides the professionalism and experience that could make all the difference to your credit report. From there, can provide the ongoing support you need to help you understand your credit score and start to rebuild it.

    What are your first steps?

    Ready to make a change? Find out more about by visiting their site. Sign up today and you could be on the path to a cleaner credit report – and one step closer your financial goals.