Debtco Solutions

Freedom from debt is a dream for most people. As specialised Negotiators, we can turn this dream into a reality for you in a few short weeks from now.

Debtco Solutions

Freedom from debt is a dream for most people. As specialised Negotiators, we can turn this dream into a reality for you in a few short weeks from now.

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As Specialised Negotiators, we will:

  1. Stop phone calls
  2. Conduct a 20-minute assessment, you'll know then how much you will save
  3. Negotiate to dramatically reduce your debt
  4. Guarantee a no win, no pay policy

We are specialist negotiators who assist families and businesses with their debt solutions, we do this by negotiating with your creditors to reduce your balance owing by 50% or more, relieving you from pressures & stress.

How it works

  1. Send us your bills & supporting documents
  2. Within 24 hours we qualify & review your case
  3. We begin negotiations with your banks
  4. Within 3 weeks your debts are cut by ½ or more

Simple as that! It costs nothing to try us out.

How Debtco works

Send us your bills & supporting documents
Within 24 hours we qualify & review your case
We begin negotiations with your banks
“I run a small retail shop and experienced a dramatic drop in trade due to local construction work. I found myself not able to pay my $80,000 bank overdraft account. Lisa, Laurence and Donna saved the day for me, they we’re able to waive most of my debt with the bank! I cannot recommend these people enough for what they have achieved for me..”
Double Bay NSW

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How Does Debt Negotiation Work?

When it comes to the day-to-day handling of a business, at times it can be difficult to keep on top of all your responsibilities. Unfortunately, that’s when debts can start to stack up. While most of the time you can get back on track, sometimes those debts can get out of hand. Whatever the reason for those debts, when it gets too much to handle, debt negotiation can help.

What is debt negotiation?

As the name suggests, debt negotiation is a process that allows you to negotiate your debts, either by negotiating yourself or employing the services of a debt negotiation company. The process involves negotiating a suitable payment arrangement with creditors that keeps them happy, while allowing your business to avoid the severe consequences of going through the insolvency process.

Allowing you to take control of your debt, debt negotiation can cover any number of debts, including debts owed to the Australian Tax Office, business debts and bank loans, overdrafts and debts to trade creditors.

What can debt negotiation offer?

The right debt negotiation company can offer debt solutions that are tailored to your business, which work around your business’s needs. Debt negotiation for your business could result in a lowered payment arrangement with your creditors, it could mean a reduction or write-off of your tax debt, and it could provide a halt to any legal action brought against you.

How does debt negotiation work?

When you have debts that you are struggling to repay, debt negotiation can work to create a mutually agreeable arrangement for you and your creditors. This may mean paying a smaller amount than what was originally owed, putting in place an agreement that helps remove financial pressure from your business, as well as the stress associated with owing money.

Why would a creditor settle for a lower sum than what was owed? Creditors know that the alternative may involve your business going into liquidation, in which case they may be unable to collect anything from you. At least, through an agreement, they can get some money back, even if it’s less than the original amount.

However, debt negotiation only works when the creditor is willing and able to accept a revised payment arrangement. If you choose to negotiate your own debts, the process will most likely be new and intimidating to you. By choosing a debt negotiator, you can avoid dealing with the negotiation process yourself, to let a specialist get the best possible deal for you.

What are the benefits of debt negotiation?

  • You may be able to save money: Experienced debt negotiators have years of experience in getting the best possible deal for their clients, and will often have good relationships with credit providers. So, not only could you settle your debt, you could also save money on the agreement your debt negotiator makes with your creditors.
  • You can reduce stress as you deal with your debt: Dealing with debt can be stressful, especially when you are receiving harassing phone calls demanding that you pay up. A debt negotiator can deal with creditors on your behalf, helping to remove the emotion and stress from your situation.
  • You can retain your personal and business assets: Unlike going through the insolvency process, debt negotiation can allow you to keep your personal and business assets.
  • You can choose which creditors to negotiate with: If you have a number of debts that you need to pay off, you may choose which trade creditors to settle with. This can allow you to negotiate with some, while leaving others to develop future relationships with.
  • You may continue to trade: Again, unlike putting your business through the insolvency process, debt negotiation allows you to continue to trade as you work out an agreement with your creditors. This can mean the difference between keeping your reputation and losing it.
  • You may be able to avoid the insolvency process: While you may think going through the insolvency process is the easiest option, providing a way to release yourself from debts, it can have serious consequences. Debt negotiation can allow you to work out an agreement that settles your debts, so you can move on to bigger and better things with your business in tact.

How much does debt negotiation cost?

If you opt for a debt negotiation service, the costs can vary. If you choose Debtco, we will work to negotiate your debts to reduce the amount you pay by 5% to as much as 95%. Our services are paid as a percentage of the reduction in the debt. And in the unlikely scenario that we are unsuccessful in our negotiations, you have our services for free.

So, if you’re having cash flow problems or are experiencing issues with debt, contact us today to see what we could do for you. With Debtco at your side, you could manage your debt more efficiently, to retain your business trade, your assets and your reputation for the future.